Techniques of Deployment for Defense Buckles™

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There are TWO positions from which Defense Buckles™ are ordinarily deployed:

1) Defense Belt™ worn INSIDE belt loops — for fast withdrawal

(Install the belt through the first loop on your left, and continue counter-clockwise around the waist.)
a) Grab your Defense Buckle™ firmly with your left hand, and simultaneously disengage the Buckle prongs with your right hand.
b) Still holding the Buckle with your left hand, rapidly draw the belt out of the loops, sliding it through your right hand as you draw it out. With practice you'll learn how far to extend your hand in drawing out the belt before tightly grabbing the end with your right hand. Be sure to draw the belt out from the top of your hand.
c) If there's time, wrap the belt round your hand so that it passes through your palm twice, providing a stronger grip.
d) Continuing in one smooth motion, either whirl the Buckle in an orbit above your head and deliver it to the target, or pause and hold it at the ready.

2) Defense Belt™ worn OUTSIDE belt loops — for ULTRA fast withdrawal

a) Grab your Defense Buckle™ firmly with your left hand and simultaneously disengage the Buckle's prongs from the belt with your right hand.
b) The instant the Buckle is disengaged, tightly grab the end of the belt with your right hand. Now rapidly "unwind" the buckle from round your waist in an overhead counter-clockwise motion, delivering the buckle to the target. With this technique, draw the end of the belt out of the bottom of your hand.

(All instructions are given for a right-handed person; if left-handed, reverse the hands.)

NOTE: It is possible — if you become accomplished in the art of Fighting Belts™ — that if a felon actually has a gun pointed at you, and his focus is distracted for a mere fraction of a second, he could be neutralized. Since the felon could still shoot, even after receiving a mortal blow, this tactic is only recommended in extreme circumstance, where it is quite probable that he intends to shoot you. Under these conditions it is highly recommended, that as you are delivering the incapacitating blow, you simultaneously — and very quickly — move out of the way of where the gun is pointed!

Attempting to save someone's life by using a knife in this life-saving maneuver rather than a Defense Belt™ would be fraught with far more peril, for a knife has neither the immediate stopping power, nor the reach of a Defense Belt™.

Practice is suggested for obvious reasons. Go through the moves — slowly at first — until you get the feel of the instrument. Relative proficiency is gained rather quickly. Fastening a cardboard box, or watermelon, or pumpkin, or Styrofoam packing atop a pedestal, or hanging one from a branch or rafter on a strong cord works well for fast-draw and strike practice. Since there is a charge for replacing bent prongs, when practicing use the face of the buckle for impact rather than the prong side. AND, do not have anyone standing around too closely!

The owner of this company has been wearing Defense Belts™ for years. On one occasion a 95-pound dog, and a 55-pound Pit-Bull simultaneously attacked him. The dogs were very aggressive. The dogs were unable to penetrate the defensive perimeter of a rapidly whirling 5 ½ oz. stainless steel buckle on a 1 ¼" nylon belt. They tried. The 95-pound dog was struck on the end of his snout and immediately backed off. The Pit-Bull, sensing that something punishing had just happened to the big dog, and yelping, immediately backed off. Defense Belts™ work!
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