America's Premier Action Belt!

New, good-looking, & versatile, Defense Belts™ permit you to travel in urbanhoods — foreign and domestic — where you otherwise would have to carry a canister of mace, stout cane, staff, stun gun, etc., in order to resist assault by animals or hoodlums. While Defense Belts™ are vastly superior to knives in street confrontations, they pass airport security. Additionally, they dynamically compliment your clothing, from militia, to casual.

Be Prepared:
Don't break camp without one!

Defense Buckle™ and Defense Belt™ versatility:
  1. Trouser support
  2. A means to repel attack by street-toughs or vicious animals
  3. Salt water proof
  4. Tough and rugged — the solid stainless steel buckles will doubtless outlast most country's governments
  5. New Belts are simple to replace on the Buckles, for wear, color, style, or length — in either nylon or leather
  6. Quick and easy one hand release if snagged while diving, swimming, or white-water rafting
  7. Superior workmanship — they're GREAT LOOKING!

The best in performance & safety —
We want our customers to return!

Defense Belts™ are hand-crafted in California of superlative quality. The solid metal buckles are either hammered, sanded, brushed, sand blasted, or highly polished — then curved, drilled and threaded for four round-headed stainless steel bolts. Two bolts, with specially curved saucer nuts, actually bolt the belt to the buckle. The other two bolts are machined into prongs, bullet-nosed, bent and secured into place.

Nylon Belts vs. Leather Belts
Our Ribbed Ballistic Nylon™ performs better then leather for four reasons:
  1. Nylon slides out faster than leather
  2. Nylon wraps round one's hand better
  3. Nylon is stronger than leather
  4. Nylon permits swimming and wading

Our Ribbed Ballistic Nylon™ is specially woven on Jacquard cross-lock looms for optimum thickness, stiffness and durability. The 1¼" ballistic nylon belt (32 mm), is approximately 7,000 pound test (3,182 kilograms). The 1½" ballistic nylon belt (38 mm), is approximately 8,400 pound test (3,818 kilograms).

Ribbed Ballistic Nylon Belts™ are provided with 6 pairs of holes 7/8" apart. Pairs of holes, rather than single holes, enhance belt durability. Belt length is measured to the middle of the holes.
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